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Celebrate Easter and Passover with these New Books

Celebrate Easter and Passover with your grandkids by reading these delightful and entertaining new books. For more books to read with your grandkids, visit Grand Times: Reading With Your Grandkids.

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Afikoman, Where’d You Go?

A Passover Hide-and-Seek Adventure

Written by: Rebecca Gardyn Levington
Illustrated by: Noa Kelner
Age 4 and up
Review by Heidi Frankel

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This delightful story unfolds like a “Where’s Waldo” adventure, centered around the quest for the hidden Afikomen during the Passover Seder. In this tale, the Afikomen, a piece of matzoh, takes on a lively character with arms, legs, eyes, and a mischievous smile, with expert hiding skills that puzzle the children eagerly trying to find him.

Despite the Afikomen’s clever hiding spots, the children persist in exploring every nook and cranny. They are determined to find him. The engaging rhyming text adds to the enjoyment; it is easy to follow and fun to read. Each page has detailed and colorful illustrations, creating a playful challenge as some hiding spots are easy while others pose more of a challenge. But don’t give up; he’s there — somewhere! The interactive search for the tricky treat becomes fun for parents, grandparents, and children, making this book an entertaining experience for all.

Can you find the Afikoman in this picture? The Afikomen is really hidden in this picture. Hint: Check the top shelf!

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I Am Not the Easter Bunny

By T.L McBeth
Age 3 – 7
Review by Stephanie Fitzpatrick

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Imagine encountering an adorable, fluffy white bunny adorned with a bow tie, a colorful vest, and a basket of painted eggs—undoubtedly the Easter Bunny.

However, this determined bunny, brimming with attitude, amusingly denies being the famed fellow. In a unique narrative style, the bunny engages with an unseen narrator, asserting that it is a case of mistaken identity.

Each page unfolds with questions about him being the Easter Bunny. When asked about his “hopping home,” his witty reply, “Well, I don’t have a car. And my bus pass is in my other vest,” will make you laugh.

You and your wee ones will enjoy the playful back-and-forth dialogue and charming illustrations that captivate you and your kids until the very end—when all will discover whether he is the real Easter Bunny. Get ready for an adventure full of giggles!

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