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Book Review: Aloha Everything

Aloha Everything

Written by Kaylin Melia George
Illustrated by Mae Waite
Ages: 5-8
Review by A.B. Greene

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Aloha Everything is more than just a book; it’s a vibrant, heart-swelling introduction to the heart of Hawai’i. Kaylin Melia George’s rhyming prose follows a baby girl’s journey to becoming a wahine (woman), guided by the hula every step of the way. Hula is not just a dance; it’s an art form, a storytelling dance that unveils the wisdom of a people, a place, the plants and animals who call it home, and the stories they hold dear.

It doesn’t get better than Mae Waite’s hand-painted acrylics and gouache—the art is lush and alive with the soul and heartbeat of Hawai’i. The frequent double-page spreads made me gasp.

Aloha Everything1 W jpg

With what we love about Hawai’i threatened by short-term rentals and luxury resorts, this book centers on the indigenous people’s culture and lore. It asks the reader: What did hula teach you? Hopefully, the answer is a love for the island’s caretakers and the storytellers who preserve Hawai’i to this day.

AlohaEverything5 W jpg

For keikis (children), Aloha Everything is an educational tool that includes a pronunciation guide and glossary for Hawaiian. This book invites you to explore and appreciate the richness of Hawaiian culture, making it a valuable resource for parents and educators alike.



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