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Book Review: Creep, Leap, Crunch! A Food Chain Story

Creep, Leap, Crunch! A Food Chain Story

Written by Jody Jensen Shaffer
Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
Ages: 4-8
Review by A.B. Greene

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There’s nothing more exciting (and a little scary) than the food chain, making Creep, Leap, Crunch! a thrilling (and educational) addition to any kids’ bookshelf.

CreepLeap Crunch4 W jpg

Creep, leap, and crunch through a day in the forest, tracking the sun’s movements and the movements of the creatures below via a rhyming, cumulative narrative. The second half of Shaffer’s tale is essential, imagining the cricket, deer mouse, milk snake, hawk, and fox escaping their would-be consumers.

Creep Leap Crunch5 jpg

Christopher Silas Neal’s illustrations in Creep, Leap, Crunch! are captivating and interactive. Each playful page is like a treasure hunt, inviting young readers to explore and imagine their own forest and ecosystem that will inspire creativity and curiosity in children, making learning a fun and engaging experience.

Creep Leap Crunch7 jpg

For the reader hungry for more, Creep, Leap, Crunch! provides a nutritious dessert in the form of a glossary of terms. This comprehensive addition allows for a deeper understanding of the science at play in this temperate deciduous forest, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Don’t creep; leap to get this book young readers will enjoy.



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