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Book Review: Little Brown Nut

Little Brown Nut

Written by Mary Auld
Illustrated by Dawn Cooper
Ages: 5-8
Review by A.B. Greene

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It’s amazing how much a little brown nut impacts our natural world. In Little Brown Nut, part of the new Start Small, Think Big series, we follow the life cycle of a Brazil nut and the many lives and species it touches in the Amazon rainforest and beyond.

Little Brown Nut2

Little Brown Nut is a fascinating zoological tour through the Amazon. Designed to introduce young readers to various scientific subjects, the book does so engagingly and unobtrusively. From the agouti rodent to harpy eagles and the castañeros who gather them from the forest floor, the book explores the roles and interactions of various species and the scientific processes of photosynthesis, pollination, and conservation.

Little Brown Nut3

Little Brown Nut is not just an informative book; it’s an interactive and hands-on learning experience. With a foldout map and an I-Spy section, it is designed to keep young readers engaged beyond just one read. As the series promises, starting small reveals a massive world to discover, encouraging the smallest readers to think big.



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