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MILA SAYS: The Magician’s Nephew

Adapted by Aurand Harris | From the novel by C.S. Lewis | Directed by Artie Olaisen.

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Mila with a cast member in The Magician’s Nephew.

Dallas’ youngest theater critic, Mila Vincent, 9, and her co-reviewer and grandmother, Johannah Vincent, had no idea what to expect when they showed up to see The Magician’s Nephew, a prequel to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, adapted from the C.S. Lewis novel, at Dallas Children’s Theater.

Mila and Johannah loved the magic, the surprises, and the scavenger hunt before the play was so much fun.

Take your kids and grandkids — I know you’ll love it.

Mila: This play is about two kids, Digory and Polly, who explore and end up in Digory’s uncle’s study.  Uncle Andrew is a magician who tells Polly to touch a yellow magic ring. Then she disappears!  Digory is scared and wants to know where Polly is. Uncle Andrew talks him into touching another magical ring, and he lands in the magical world where Polly is.

The magical world is beautiful, but there are some evil people there. Polly wants to return to the real world, but they must figure out how to do it.

There is a surprise ending, so you should attend the show to discover what happens. I didn’t take my little sister because the play is for seven-year-olds and up. She might have been a tiny bit scared, but I wasn’t at all!

I had so much fun at the scavenger hunt before the play started. Take your kids and grandkids to see this play. You’ll love it!

Johannah: The stage design was one of the best I’ve seen for a children’s play. The lighting was magical. The audience’s full attention was on the stage and the marvelous actors in the play. I give it five stars!

Mila 4 W2 jpgThe Magician’s Nephew

Where:    Dallas Children’s Theater | Rosewood Center for Family Arts, 5938 Skillman, Dallas
When:    Through May 25
Phone:   214-740-0051


Mila Vincent

Mila Vincent is our official "kid book reviewer." Her favorite things to do are playing on a soccer team her Dad coaches, giving to others on "be kind" days that her mom created, practicing new hairstyles, reviewing children’s plays with her grandmother Johannah Luza, and cuddling during home movie nights with her French bulldog, Penelope.

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