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MILA SAYS: Miss Nelson is Missing

When Mila, our nine-year-old theater critic, learned CenterStage Theatre Works at the Frisco Discovery Center in Frisco was producing Miss Nelson Is Missing, she was excited and recruited her co-reviewing grandmother, Johannah Luza, her little sister, Avivah, and her teacher, Miss Schwartz to accompany her see the play. Mila was delighted with the experience. She thinks you and your grandkids will be, too.

MILA 8495 W jpg
Jamie Gutzler as Miss Nelson/Viola Swamp, Mila, and her teacher, Miss Schwartz.

Mila: This was my first time at the CenterStage Theatre Works. Since we were going to see Miss Nelson Is Missing! I wanted my teacher to go with us. It’s a story about a very nice teacher, but the kids misbehave and don’t pay attention. There was a boy in my class like that!

Miss Nelson gets frustrated and leaves the classroom. Nobody knows where she went. A substitute teacher, Miss Swamp, shows up, and wow, she is mean! The kids want Miss Nelson to come back.

This was one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen. Every actor was so good. I would have liked to be one of the students in the play. I think it would have been really fun.

RexyTRex USE W jpg
“Rexy,” the T. rex skeleton statue, is the centerpiece of the Frisco Public Library.

Johannah: The production was at the Discovery Center in Frisco, and there were lots of things to see and do before the play started: museums for kids, The Frisco Public Library with a huge dinosaur skeleton inside, and so many activities.

Mila2 8493 W jpg
Adelaide Laurence as Phoebe, Mila, and Deepti Aravapelli as Mouse.

The production was not just cute; it was of high quality and kept our attention the entire time. Five stars for sure! The theater, the set, and the actors were fantastic! It was a great, cool way to spend a hot Texas afternoon!

Even though the production of Miss Nelson is Missing is finished, Mila, Avivah, and I look forward to seeing many more fine performances at this excellent theatre venue. I know you and your family will as well.

CenterStage Theatre Works, Frisco Discovery Center, 8004 Dallas Parkway, Frisco.
Visit the website HERE for more productions.


Mila Vincent

Mila Vincent is our official "kid book reviewer." Her favorite things to do are playing on a soccer team her Dad coaches, giving to others on "be kind" days that her mom created, practicing new hairstyles, reviewing children’s plays with her grandmother Johannah Luza, and cuddling during home movie nights with her French bulldog, Penelope.

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