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Embracing Edward R. Murrow’s Legacy

Hope for unity by remembering the past

Bren Rapp, a North Texas producer, hopes a voice from the past can bring unity during the most divisive presidential election year on record. The yearning for progress, a desire to break free from historical constraints, permeates the air. This enthusiasm is particularly evident in the arts, where inclusivity flourishes, offering diverse stories from fresh voices and unique perspectives.

Rapp believes that genuine progress involves forging ahead and looking back at aspects we may have overlooked or forgotten, not to dismantle them but to carry them forward into the future. Having dedicated 15 years to theater production in major cities like Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, Rapp is bringing a one-person multimedia production to Dallas in April. This production delves into the life and words of the iconic American broadcaster Edward R. Murrow.

Starring Nicolas Greco as Edward R. Murrow, “MURROW” by playwright Joseph Vitale intricately weaves a narrative around a man whose voice, intelligence, and unwavering honesty once illuminated the path for a nation. From Murrow’s daring radio reports during the London Blitz to his haunting broadcast from the Buchenwald concentration camp, the play vividly captures the courage that brought the realities of World War II into American homes.

The story extends to Murrow’s groundbreaking television work, uncovering injustices in the United States, including the blacklisting of citizens by Senator Joseph McCarthy. It sheds light on the principles that made him a hero to many but an adversary to entrenched interests.

Rapp quickly highlights the contemporary relevance of bringing Edward R. Murrow back into the spotlight. Today, as multiple war zones witness daily bombings, antisemitic incidents in the United States surge, and fearmongering saturates political discourse, Murrow’s principles take on renewed importance. The play explores these pressing issues, cautioning against the unchecked rise of cancel culture and unfounded accusations.

Edward R. Murrow’s commitment to unbiased facts as a cornerstone of democracy resonates deeply. In the face of a news media that has strayed far from the standards of integrity he once upheld, Murrow’s words force a critical examination. Rapp often reflects on the production, recognizing that specific ideas, taken for granted, now demand impactful and precise articulation.

As the United States enters a presidential election year marked by unprecedented division, the proliferation of misinformation hampers the nation’s ability to unite. Regardless of political affiliation, marginalized group affiliations, or the “us” versus “them” mentality, instant access to news has transformed into an era of rampant misinformation.

Despite widespread skepticism, Americans continue to consume, share, and cite news media in constructing their beliefs. Shockingly, two-thirds of American adults express little to no trust in the media’s ability to report news accurately or fairly. A significant portion believes national news organizations attempt to mislead the public. The reliance on social media for news by 47% of adults aged 18-44 adds a layer of complexity, especially given the challenge of deciphering accurate information.

Rapp underscores the certainty of continued consumption, tuning in, clicking, and sharing. However, she also emphasizes that when faced with facts that challenge personal beliefs, the typical response of changing the channel, unfollowing a source, or even unfriending someone creates a need to look backward to move forward.

The show’s marketing tagline encapsulates its essence: “The words are Edward R. Murrow’s. The events are history’s. The lessons are ours.” Some will be reminded of these lessons, while a new generation may learn them for the first time. Rapp hopes that all who witness the production are empowered to demand better from the media and themselves. The emphasis is on embracing truth, first and foremost, and transcending the divisive lines that currently define us.

Nicolas Greco as Edward R. Murrow


Starring: Nicolas Greco
Directed by: Montgomery Sutton.
When: April 11 – April 21, 2024  |  Ten performances
Where: Hamon Hall at AT&T Performing Arts Center | 2403 Flora St., Dallas, TX
Click HERE for the complete performance schedule and tickets.

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