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Book Review: Forever Strong

A new, science-based strategy for aging well

Author: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon | Book Review by: Marlene Caraballo.

“Forever Strong” by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a reboot-your-body guide for those of us in the 50-plus club keen on staying healthy and energized. Lyon’s approach combines scientific data with a practical understanding of the challenges that come with aging. Beyond explaining complicated topics in easy-to-digest chapters, she provides specific health strategies to follow, making this book an informative read and a valuable reference resource.

One point that stood out to me throughout the book is Lyon’s focus on the importance of dietary protein. In a world cluttered with diet trends, her evidence-based perspective offers a straightforward take on the role of protein in maintaining muscle mass—a critical factor in aging well. The book breaks down the science without getting too technical, making it accessible for those who flunked chemistry (like me).

The book also promotes the benefits of strength training, emphasizing that it’s not just for the young and fit. Lyon encourages readers to incorporate resistance training into their routines to combat muscle loss associated with aging. Her practical approach challenges preconceptions about what’s possible as we grow older. 

“Forever Strong” also addresses the mental and emotional aspects of aging. A proponent of harnessing your thoughts to create motivation, Lyon says, “The job at hand is taking 100 percent control of, and responsibility for, your own well-being.”

Lyon highlights the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and a commitment to ongoing learning. This resonates with those of us who value the richness of life experiences that come with age. The book further confirms my belief that aging doesn’t have to be about decline; it’s an opportunity for continued personal growth and exploration.

Lyon’s writing is informative and approachable. I appreciated the detailed exercise plans (along with access to online video demonstrations) and the recipes included in the book because they are helpful in applying her recommendations to everyday life. 

I think this book is an excellent resource for those who want to be “Forever Strong” in mind and body.

Lyon offers not just information but also empowerment, providing a roadmap for embracing vitality, resilience, and strength as we age. I recommend “Forever Strong” to fellow travelers on this journey—it’s a motivating jumpstart that will get you off the couch, blending her protein-shake recipe and grabbing your dumbbells to pump some iron!   


Marlene Caraballo

Marlene Caraballo is an intuitive life coach, writer, speaker, and spiritual mentor, who works with women looking for soulful guidance to clear what’s blocking them so they can build confidence, master their mindset, and chase their dreams. She lives in rural Orange County, NY and is mom to three grown sons. She shares mindset tips at and blogs about life after fifty at Contact her at or on Instagram @_marlenecaraballo_.

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