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Unique Summertime Dating Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to fill your days and nights with magical memories.

Longer days and warmer weather provide more options for sharing wonderful moments with the one you love. The good news is many of these date ideas don’t require you to break the bank or spend inordinate hours of planning. They’re just fun and romantic ways to connect or reconnect and make your summer with that special someone – well, special.

Drive In Grease USE E
A blast from the past – the drive-in theater

Go to a Drive-in Movie

Let’s channel our inner Danny and Sandy and head to the drive-in. It was fun as kids and can be the same for those who are still kids at heart! While traditional movie theaters are struggling post-pandemic, drive-ins have seen a resurgence in popularity. As an added treasure, they are such a sweet slice of nostalgia and young love.

SummerPicnicEssentials 2 E
A romantic picnic is a lovely treat

Pack a Picnic Basket and Find a Secluded Spot

There’s something special about laying out a blanket at the beach, a park, or a lakefront. And somehow, the food tastes so much better in the outdoors. Some destinations will even allow you to bring your favorite bottle of wine.

Make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget all the important stuff, like napkins, utensils, and glasses. And on a side note, use cloth napkins. That extra little touch makes the picnic unique for the two of you.

Carnival 1492099 E
A fun day at the fair

Spend a Day at the Fair

Summertime brings county and state fairs and, along with them, a throwback to the fun times of earlier days. Adults can have just as much fun as the youngsters. If your equilibrium can take it, ride a few rides. Try your luck at a ring toss or other carnival game. And make sure to get a funnel cake with extra powdered sugar to share. Trying to keep the sugar from falling on your clothes somehow makes the funnel cake taste better.

One of my husband’s and my favorite romantic things to do at the fair is to time our Ferris wheel ride to capture the sunset with a kiss. Give it a try. I know you’ll like it. 

Hiking 646020000 E
Hiking in nature together — Perfect

Take a Hike – a Literal Hike

For those who love the outdoors, hiking is not only mentally and physically healthy; it’s a way to reconnect with nature in all its glory. Whether hiking to a beach, lake, or waterfall or scaling up a desert mountain, experiencing the magnificent views together makes it worthwhile.

Sunset Sail E
The water, the sunset, and the one you love

Go on a Sunset Sail

If you live near a lake or ocean, think about taking a sunset sail. Having champagne makes it even more special. Being on the water, the breeze blowing through your hair as the sun dips below the horizon and the sky lights up in a myriad of colors, is absolutely an unforgettable experience. No matter howoften you do it, it is pure magic and oh-so-romantic.

Smores leon contreras 447377 E
Roasting marshmallows for S’mores

Build a Fire and Make Some S’mores

Toasting marshmallows is so much fun. Getting it done just right for the marriage of crunchy graham cracker and gooey chocolate can be a challenge— but oh so worth it. If you want to reduce the sugar, make just one and enjoy the gooeyness together. We love making S’mores in our backyard, but your town may also have parks or beaches that allow small bonfires.

Camping in the Backyard E
Backyard camping— Stars included

Romance in a Tent in Your Backyard

Ever put up a tent in your backyard just for the heck of it? It’s a ton of fun, and you don’t have to pack all that camping equipment when you set up camp in your yard. Be sure to bring some sweet treats to nibble on and wine to toast to the two of you!

Sleeping outdoors, cuddling under a blanket, listening to the sound of the crickets, and even doing some stargazing is very romantic. It’s fun to pick out the Big and Little Dippers and the North Star. And if you’re lucky, you may even catch a shooting star or comet shower.

Riders Field small Enhanced SR E
Riders Field, home of the Frisco RoughRiders

Take in a Baseball Game

“Take me out to the ballgame,” as the famous unofficial anthem of baseball says.

Better yet, go for a night game when the temperature dips and the ballpark is all lit up. Baseball is still one of America’s favorite pastimes, steeped in history and tradition. And somehow, those hot dogs and peanuts taste even better at a ball game. You might even consider attending a minor-league game!

TopGOlf E
Play like a pro on the mini golf course

Play a Round of Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is a blast! Especially if you find a creatively themed course, whether it’s pirates, dinosaurs, or a fairy tale land. Dallas-based TopGolf offers classic waterfalls, tunnels, and bridges in many cities to challenge your skills. You can even partake in a cocktail before or after the game!

A suggestion, up the ante and play on a bet. The loser pays for the next five dates or does the dishes for a month. If you’re not into betting, that’s OK because just playing to see who makes a hole-in-one or launches the ball into the pond makes your date more fun.

So, whatever you do this summer, plan to schedule playful or romantic fun date days or nights to truly enjoy the magic of your partner’s company and make those endless summer memories.


Noreen Kompanik

Noreen Kompanik is a freelance journalist, associate editor, and speaker from San Diego. A retired registered nurse, she now travels the world and writes about her adventures. Her stories have appeared in TravelPulse, Edible San Diego Magazine, Europe Up Close, International Living and more.

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