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Turn a Snack Board into a Fun Meal

When you think of charcuterie, fancy dinner parties may come to mind. But you don’t need a special occasion to make any meal or snack into a creative board. A snack board is a fun and novel way to present fruits, veggies, and even new foods to picky eaters and the kiddos.

Having choices empowers kids to put what they want on their plate and explore new flavors. Pick a meal and deconstruct the ingredients, focusing on using a variety of flavors and textures. Kids will have tons of fun decorating the boards and eating everything on them!

Here are a few boards to try:

Shapes are fun like this pumpkin.

Laying your choice of food in long strips makes cool textures and adding in grapes or olives will help the jack-o-lantern’s eyes, nose, and grin stand out and — added encouragement to eat it all up.

Elevate your board with bowls of dips.

Peanut butter and apples get a new look with this fun board. Arrange the apples, peanut butter, cheese, crackers, and pretzels randomly for a unique look that will make everyone want to dig in. 

Make a Theme.

Scatter your favorite treats in piles to coordinate with your favorite film. Or choose fun food to enjoy during family game night. 

Go for the Unexpected with Brunch.

Waffles or pancakes are the base of this board. Add all your favorite — like fruit, chocolate chips, Nutella, syrup, whipped cream, and nuts — for a fun and sweet adventure. 


Jaimie Johnson, Pampered Chef

Jaimie Johnson, “Chef Jaimie”, shares the art of cooking, baking, and entertaining with friends and families everywhere. She has 18 years in the food industry. Johnson enjoys teaching baking and decorating techniques. She also enjoys teaching about making healthy meals in a hurry, assembling time-saving meal prep in her workshops, and creating the perfect party and bridal shower experiences with her Pampered Chef business. When she is not cooking, Johnson has a full-time marketing career with a well-known travel company and enjoys spending time with her family, including her new puppy, Ace. For more fun recipes, check out her blog at:

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