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To Go Gray or Not

Looking for a sign to skip your next root touch-up appointment? This is it.

Natural hair is in, and it’s a stark contrast from the dramatic bleached blonde that captured our hearts just a few years ago.

Should you see gray hair creeping in — or, perhaps, you have more than meets the eye — and you want to achieve a natural gray look, the key is to start slowly by working with your natural hair and not against it. Working with your stylist, you can go all gray in an exciting and on-trend way.

Joel Mowen, of the Marie Robinson Salon, suggests a less-is-more approach to current hair color trends.

“Less severe and more balanced dimensions that require lower maintenance are on the rise,” Mowen, whose roster of A-list clients ranges from Anne Hathaway to Andrew Garfield, has said.

With the rise of minimalism in fashion and beauty, we notice the trend seeping into hair colors as more individuals opt for more natural and effortlessly chic colors.

“Colors that are close to one’s natural color, such as golden lights in brunettes to creamy touches on blondes, are becoming more popular,” Mowen said.

How to Transition to Your Natural Gray Color

It can be intimidating to work some gray into your hair.

Slowly transitioning your blonde highlights into ashy gray ones is a simple way to ease into the salt-and-pepper.

If you are just beginning to see a few gray strands and want to opt for a bolder look, weave chunky strands of gray into your contrasting darker locks for a chic take on the salt-and-pepper trend.

Furthermore, ask your stylist about toning your gray for a brighter, silver look.

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Still Shying Away from the Gray?

On the other hand, if you are not ready to return to your roots, it could be time to try out the summer’s other hottest hair color.

Coming in red hot, copper hair is stealing the show. With so many hues to choose from, it can be hard to decide if you are ready to make the change.

While going red can be scary, it does not have to be. Your stylist will help find the right shade for you, whether it’s soft strawberry red or something bold and fiery.

Picking the right tone is the fun part but keeping up with your fiery locks of hair will take more work.

Aside from regular touch-ups and glosses, Mowen recommended using some of his favorite products, including the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Chic Copper and the Davines Alchemic Red Mask. The masks will work to keep the cool hues of your red tresses bold, alive, and always eye-catching.

This summer, it could be time to find out if reds have more fun.

Whichever path you choose, it’s essential to remember sun and water will make your color fade. Instead of vowing to avoid both forever, invest in good hair products that will work to protect your hair and revive your color between trips to the salon.


Caroline Albert

Caroline Albert is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising/Marketing Communications. Since moving to NYC, she has worked in many fashion industry areas, including volunteering at multiple Fashion Week shows. Albert interned at Cynthia Rowley Headquarters, where she helped produce/run their Spring/Summer 2020 show and also worked in public relations. Albert’s love of fashion has been a driving factor in her life.

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