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Supporting Maui’s Recovery: Seven Ways to Help

Our family has been a part of the Spirit of Maui for over three decades. Our sons met their teacher under Lahaina’s iconic banyan tree for their first surf lessons. The melodies of live music at Fleetwood’s on Front Street and the simple joys of shaved ice from the corner stand are where we cultivated cherished memories as a family in our Maui experiences.

Our Hearts Go Out to Everyone Affected by the Maui Fires.

The recent devastating fires that swept through the beautiful island of Maui have left a trail of destruction and impacted the lives of residents and businesses. As we extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by this tragedy, it’s crucial to come together as a community and lend a helping hand.

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Relief for Maui

Donate to Local Disaster Relief Organizations

Donating to the Hawaii chapters of national charities or general disaster relief funds can help these organizations deliver emergency shelter, food, and support to those in need.

Here is a list of organizations to help you make an impact:

Maui Strong Fund: The Hawaii Community Foundation created the Maui Strong Fund “to build community resilience by providing resources for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.” All donations support community members affected by wildfires.

Hawaii Salvation Army: The Hawaii Salvation Army is asking for monetary donations to help fund mass meal services for displaced persons at shelters across Maui.

Aloha United Way: Aloha United Way established a Maui Relief Fund where 100 percent of proceeds go directly to Maui United Way, whose partner agencies include Maui Food Bank, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army.

Hawaii Red Cross: Hawaii Red Cross has shelters for evacuees across Maui and Hawai’i Island, where wildfires are also displacing residents. Shelters provide food, water, and a safe place for residents and visitors seeking refuge. In addition to monetary donations to fund shelters, the organization seeks neighboring island community members to become Disaster Action Team volunteers.

Maui Food Bank: The Maui Food Bank accepts monetary donations to help distribute food through their partnership with Maui VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) and other relief effort organizations, including the Hawaii Red Cross.

Lāhui Foundation: Established as a resource for “underrepresented and underserved communities” in Hawaii, the Lāhui Foundation is a registered nonprofit in Hawaii where donations will go directly to impacted residents.

Personal GoFundMe Campaigns

Individuals and families directly affected by the Maui fires may have set up personal GoFundMe campaigns to help cover immediate needs and expenses. By researching and supporting these campaigns, you can directly impact the lives of those in need.

Remember to research and verify the legitimacy of any organization or campaign before donating. It’s also important to check if they mention their involvement in the Maui fire relief efforts.

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Maui Gold Pineapple launches relief initiative to feed families

The Community of Maui has Come Together. 

The Maui community has demonstrated unity and compassion by providing financial, emotional, and practical support to those affected by the tragedy. Volunteers offer comfort at shelters, while professionals provide counseling and legal assistance. Vigils and prayer gatherings allow people to share their grief and find solace together. Local businesses organize fundraisers, donate a portion of sales, and offer goods and services to affected individuals and their families, providing immediate relief and stimulating the local economy.

We All Can Make a Difference. 

The Maui fires have caused immense devastation. During difficult times like these, the strength of “community” truly shines.

By supporting local disaster relief, we can all play a part in providing much-needed assistance in helping people rebuild their lives. Together, we can make a difference and show the true spirit of aloha.

We stand with the residents of Maui — #MauiStrong! 

Sharon Kurtz

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