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Disruption has become the norm! The pandemic has certainly disrupted us, for good and for ill. Devices and technology continue to disrupt our homes and the way we do business, for good and for ill. The internet, social media, and artificial intelligence have disrupted us, for good and for ill. The polarization of our politics and the divisiveness in our government have disrupted us. The turmoil over the civil right of Black Americans, immigrants, women, and transgender people have disrupted our ignorance, while the spiraling issues of climate change have disrupted our complacency.

Make It Sacred and Worthwhile.

How shall we deal with all this disruption — with angst, anger, and apathy, or with our spiritual principles and human values? What if we decided to engage with these disruptions as something sacred, going so far as to invite sacred disruptions to take us on unexpected healing and growing journeys? Making disruptions sacred is realizing “the way it’s always been” isn’t and can’t continue to be the same as it always has been. So, how do we reimagine our lives, individually and collectively? How do we reimagine life in such a way that challenges the norms while answering the call of our soul for courageous action and authentic connection?

Step #1: Embrace Change as a Growth Opportunity.

Begin by allowing — even inviting – disruption to become sacred. Embrace change and uncertainty with powerful and positive intentions and actions. Seek the good that has emerged amid any disruption. This neither denies nor avoids the pain and challenges we or others have faced. Rather, it acknowledges something greater is always present; that there is a way to learn, grow, and move through disruption to a powerful awakening.

Deciding to make a particular disruption sacred means we take it to the altar of our awareness and invite it to reveal something meaningful and profound. Listening, rather than analyzing; feeling, rather than forcing; and sensing, rather than projecting, are all sacred skills our souls develop as we engage in this process.

Step #2: Make Friends with Ambiguity and Uncertainty.

Now invite sacred disruption. Court the new, make friends with the unknown, and expect change. Ambiguity and uncertainty become our guides as we decide to invite the wildest parts of our soul and our deepest intuition to lead. Deliberately try new ways of being and doing that are more congruent and aligned with your values, spirituality, and ideals (no matter how uncomfortable). This is way beyond improving ourselves: It calls for sacred and profound acts of authenticity and deeply taking responsibility.

Step #3: Make It a Creative Act.

Sacred disruption becomes a creative act when the destruction has made way for something truly new. Newness begins with reimagining life, not from the normal way it’s been, but from a soulful, connected, profoundly directive decision to make a difference.

Reimagining everything begins with values we espouse but aren’t actualizing, and the hopes we are afraid to believe are possible to achieve. What if they are? What if these are the impulses and desires of your truest essence? Reimagining life is not trying to create a utopia; rather, it is day-by-day, moment-by-moment method of making a life that contributes, restores balance and justice, reveals creativity and connection, and is utterly in alignment with the highest vibrations of your truest self.

Step #4: Engage Your Imagination.

The creative faculty of imagination is what breaks the bonds of habitual patterns and behaviors. Imagination is the ability to see and sense something in the mind’s eye that is not actually present yet. Every one of us has this ability. Usually it feeds our anxiety, doubt, and fear as we imagine catastrophic outcomes or our inadequacy for creating change. Remember, our imagination is just as good at imagining outrageously amazing outcomes and our courageous contributions to change.

Begin today: Imagine a world that works for everyone, even when we have no idea how it will come about. Imagine our planet healthy, people prospering, disagreements solved civilly, and an economy in service to humanity and our future. Now all disruptions have truly been made sacred.


Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes

Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes has been walking a spiritual path for over 40 years and has brought countless students into a richer, spiritually grounded living. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker and teacher, presenting in spiritual and leadership settings nationally and internationally. Dr. Petra has published numerous articles and co-authored two books with Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen. Dr. Petra has a passion for youth, service, inclusion, peace, environment, conscious leadership, global transformation, and expanding consciousness. She is currently serving as Co-Spiritual Director at CSLDallas, a Center for Spiritual Living. | |

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