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Mila BooksIt: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Mila Vincent, our five-year-old book critic, wanted to learn more about President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. She and her grandmother, Johanna Luza, enjoyed these two new picture books, and they think your kids will, too!

KAMALA HARRIS coverKamala Harris: Rooted in Justice

Written by:  Nikki Grimes

Illustrated by: Laura Freeman

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Mila: Kamala was a lawyer, then a senator. She ran for President, but had to get out of the race because there wasn’t enough money. I liked her because even though Kamala didn’t get to be President, she kept working hard as a senator. And my grandma told me that now she is going to be the Vice President!

Johannah: This was a good book that covered most of Kamala’s young life growing up. It discussed how Kamala fought for women’s rights and the black communities. The book is text rich, so it would be better suited for an advanced reader or as a read-to book.

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JOEY coverJoey: The Story of Joe Biden

Written by:  Dr. Jill Biden and Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by:  Amy June Bates

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Mila: My favorite part of the book was that Joey was so brave. He stuttered when he was little, and the kids bullied him. But he practiced speaking until he stopped stuttering. He was the president of his class, and now he’s going to be the President of the United States!

Johannah: This is an excellent book for kids that shows how someone can overcome a negative in their lives. It also teaches how hard work and determination pay off. The illustrations are terrific.

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Standing in front of her great grandfather’s flag unfurled for the first time since it was presented to her grandmother at his funeral in 1992



Mila Vincent

Mila Vincent is our official "kid book reviewer." Her favorite things to do are playing on a soccer team her Dad coaches, giving to others on "be kind" days that her mom created, practicing new hairstyles, reviewing children’s plays with her grandmother Johannah Luza, and cuddling during home movie nights with her French bulldog, Penelope.

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