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Happy New Year to You and Your Four-Legged Family!

Well, another year is upon us and many turn their attention to that perfunctory resolutions list. Perhaps it will be easier to actually keep if you devote this year’s list to making 2019 the healthiest year for your fur babies. Here is a list to consider:

  • Take Duke and Fluffy to the Vet for their annual check-ups. Bring a stool sample if possible. Heed the advice of your vet, he really does have your pet’s health in mind.
  • Get those pearly whites cleaned – dental hygiene is imperative for heart health, not to mention good breath.
  • Keeping your pups’ nails trimmed seems obvious. But we get so darn busy, don’t we? Every 3 months is the minimum.
  • You already know not all dog food is created equal. Do your research and talk to your vet about YOUR pet’s specific needs. Buy a high-quality kibble with no by-products and no artificial anything! Don’t overfeed. Animal fat should list high on the ingredients. Adding frequent wet food really boosts your pet’s all-over health due to a high, water content, especially if you have senior pets.
  • If you are not already on a regular walking regimen, do both your dog and YOURSELF a big favor and start one. An exercised dog is a happy and calm dog. And your health will benefit, too!
  • If you have a medium to long-haired kitty, make sure you give her a good brushing every couple of days with the right style brush. Fur balls are gross and Fluffy doesn’t like them either.
  • I know many of you won’t like this last one. But I can’t tell you how many trainers and pet professionals cringe when we see Fido out on a walk with a retractable leash. There are all kinds of inherent problems and can be dangerous for both you and your pooch. You can’t control the dog when the leash is way extended and heaven forbid a loose dog with mal intent should cross your path. Plus, Fido won’t be using courteous behavior when he’s pulling out ahead of you and wandering into all the yards along the walking route!


So, Enjoy a Happy and Healthy New Year with all your four-legged family members.


Laura Sutherland

Laura Sutherland is the owner of WAG-n-TRAIN pet services, East Dallas’s premier pet care provider. Laura is insured, and a member of the Professional United Petsitters (PUPs).

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