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The legacy of grandparents' stories

In the intricate tapestry of family, stories transcend time, intertwining a narrative across generations. My mom, a captivating storyteller, painted vivid pictures of her childhood and 20s. But with every new story she told me, I realized beneath the laughter existed the dark shadow of a less-than-joyous family life. Since my mom passed away, I wish she had left a written history of her trials and triumphs.

The power of generational stories

My brother, sister, and I were fortunate recipients of our mom’s storytelling. Her tales spanned the spectrum of experiences, from sibling rivalry, navigating a stern education system, and youthful romances to creating a rich life history. Her words revealed moments of profound pain, offering insights into the challenges of growing up in a family where struggles with mental illness affected one parent.

Times of levity

Mom’s stories had moments of levity that brought joy to our lives. As a waitress in Florida, she mistakenly filled the sugar bowl with salt. To get the best tan, she made a two-piece swimsuit from two towels; the picture of our mom, young, tan, and with a great figure, blew us away. The anecdotes, while amusing, carried a more profound message — the ability to find light even through the dark times.

Passing the torch of stories

When my son interviewed his Baba for a high school assignment, my mom’s storytelling skills shined  brightly. His 10-page report, adorned with photos and artwork, captured a vivid snapshot of the highs and lows of her remarkable journey and is a testament to her success in passing her legacy to the next generation.

Yet, I want more. I desire to hold my mom’s beautifully handwritten stories in a journal, reading them forever to connect her determined spirit with me and our family.

In tribute to my mom and the stories she shared about her life, I embarked on a quest to discover memory books that assist grandparents in immortalizing the richness of their lives, ensuring that their legacy lives on.

Preserving the legacy: Five unique books for grandparents

Memories W jpg

Memories For My Grandchild
By Peter Pauper Press

•Buy it HERE.

This exquisite linen-bound book offers guided questions and prompts, providing a delightful opportunity for any grandma and grandpa to narrate their story. From detailing the family’s genealogy to recalling noteworthy events during their childhood, such as the cost of things “in their day,” this book will serve as a cherished keepsake for preserving a rich history.

GP book W jpg

The Grandparents Book: A Timeless Keepsake
Written and designed by Lianne de Jong | Illustrations by Lee Scheepers 

This charming monochrome keepsake is designed for grandparents to pen their cherished memories and stories, creating a treasure trove for their grandchildren to enjoy for years. Within its pages, grandparents can share the details of their childhood, school days, career milestones, and the heartwarming tale of how Grandma and Grandpa met and fell in love. This adorable book is a delightful bridge, allowing grandchildren to connect with and learn more about their grandparents. It is available HERE. 

G ma W jpg

Grandma’s Story and Grandpa’s Story: A Memory and Keepsake Journal for My Family
By Korie Herold

•Get Grandma’s Story HERE.
•Get Grandpa’s Story HERE.

Crafted by bestselling artist Korie Herold, these keepsake books feature exquisite detail, a luxurious linen cover with delicate gold foil accents, and acid-free, archival-quality paper to ensure lasting memories. As a guide for grandparents, the books offer thoughtful prompts and dedicated journaling spaces, inviting them to document invaluable moments and impart wisdom. The heartfelt stories shared will connect generations with cherished memories for the entire family.   

G journals W jpg  

Grandmother’s Journal and Grandfather’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild
By Blue Streak  |  Laura Westlake

•Get Grandmother’s Journal HERE.
•Get Grandfather’s Journal HERE.

These cherished memory books give grandparents a perfect platform to narrate their life stories. Thoughtful prompts on each page guide and inspire them to document unique memories, from childhood adventures to moments with grandchildren. The journals preserve their journey through text, memorabilia, and photographs. There is also a digital prompt for the modern grandparent. Whether recounting tales from the past or capturing the vibrant present, these journals will become a treasured legacy to share across generations.  

Mem book W jpg

Grandparent Memory Book & Photo Album: A Beautiful Keepsake
Duncan and Stone 

Explore this charming book and photo album found on It is a beautiful keepsake and treasured journal for your unique story. With thoughtful prompts and well-designed pages for descriptions and photos, this book is more than a book; it’s a visual and narrative treasure trove, elegantly capturing the beautiful moments of your extraordinary story. 

Let’s cherish the stories that shape our identity. Grandparents’ narratives provide resilience, love, and an enduring spirit, weaving threads through generations.

May these books unlock the stories defining us, connecting past, present, and future. By documenting our grandparents’ experiences, we create a timeless bond that withstands the test of time.


Heidi Frankel

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