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Fur Babies and the Holidays

Fur baby

Decorate the house, write up those party invites, get the guest rooms ready and make those shopping lists!

Folks are beginning to make their travel plans now, too.

So, this holiday season if you are either going to see friends and family or you ARE the visiting friend or family member, remember that your four-legged kids may not be as ready for this season’s happenings as you are.

Think about your dog or cat’s needs. The holidays can be a difficult time for pets. All the frenetic energy, the company, noise (often involving children), the choking/poisoning hazards associated with turkey bones, gift wrap, ribbons, ornaments and plants, as well as all the “floor treats” from fallen food, and perhaps even the travel, are stressors atypical in your fur baby’s normal routine.

Another concern is if you plan on leaving your pets behind this holiday season. Remember that boarding kennels are very full this time of year and if your pets have not been to one before, you need to research for the best place for your pet’s personality. It is a good idea to take them NOW plus a few more times for daycare visits so they can become acclimated to the environment prior to leaving them there for several days. It is important to know that boarding facilities require proof of up to date vaccination records.

If you own a nervous pet, consider talking to your vet regarding ways to help Fifi get through the holidays with grace and ease. Perhaps some mild medication may make it easier for your furry friend to cope with your grandbaby and all of the merriment the holidays bring.

So, go ahead and be as festive as you like. Just make sure your pets have as enjoyable a season as you do. All it takes is a little pre-planning and forethought . . . and a maybe a new squeaky toy.


Laura Sutherland

Laura Sutherland is the owner of WAG-n-TRAIN pet services, East Dallas’s premier pet care provider. Laura is insured, and a member of the Professional United Petsitters (PUPs).

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