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After suggestions from their adult children and much discussion about their health, an aging couple adopts a dog and begins a walking regimen with her.

The parents of a nonverbal, autistic boy take a chance on a shelter pup and see smiles and interactions from their son for the first time.

A serviceman returns from war with PTSD, his wife gets him a dog. He begins to heal.

Patients at a memory care residence are introduced to the facility’s new feline resident mascot and depression rates go down.

A shy only child who adores animals lives in a small apartment. Her mom buys her a parakeet for her birthday. The girl teaches the bird to talk and completely tames him. They form a bond that creates confidence and self- assurance in the young girl.

These are but a few examples of the differences pets bring into our lies. Domesticated animals can be a game-changer. Or they can simply add joy to the everyday lives of regular folks like you and me. . . But then again, I‘m not so sure any of us are really just “regular folks”. I think of myself that way, NOW. But guess what? I was that shy, little girl growing up in a small apartment as an only child and very few friends. “Charlie Brown”, my parakeet became my best friend and taught me unconditional love for 7 wonderful years! I really don’t know how I would have gotten through some tough years without him.

We are deeply blessed by the animals in our lives. Thank you, God for that blessing.

If you have been considering adopting a pet, now just might be the right time. Who knows what it could open up in you!


Laura Sutherland

Laura Sutherland is the owner of WAG-n-TRAIN pet services, East Dallas’s premier pet care provider. Laura is insured, and a member of the Professional United Petsitters (PUPs).

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