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Connect with Those Who Matter

Is it that we are so busy with life, that we forget to reach out to those who matter? But aren’t WE touched when someone reaches out to us to say, “I was thinking about you”?

The relationships in our life do matter to us, and it’s up to us to ensure they’re alive and well.

But how do we easily do that?

First, we understand that there are two types of people we truly care about: the inner circle, and the next ring in the circle.

If we think of concentric rings, we can visualize those one to 10 people in our inner circle. These are the ones we hold dear to our hearts who could be family or very close friends.

Then, we can visualize the next ring of the circle, consisting of 10 to 20 people. Again, they could be family, friends or business acquaintances.

The inner circle knows we care about them as we are in constant contact with them. We likely share many conversations, emails, or texts each week. They will take our 2 AM phone call without question. They matter to us. We matter to them.

The next ring of the circle of our relationships are just a bit different. They know our story, our “stuff,” and our heart. Somewhere back in time, you spent considerable time with them to get to know them. They prefer our call be during normal hours, rather than at 2 AM, and are quick to help us out whenever we ask. They matter to us. We matter to them.

It is this group that needs our deeper attention now. Why? Deep down, they are clamoring to be in our inner circle. What can you do to deepen the connection? Reach out. Be proactive.

But here is the secret with this group: When you tell them HOW and WHY they matter to you, you will make their day AND get their attention.

Here are two actions you can immediately take that will enrich your life and theirs:

  1. Send an unexpected notecard with your heartfelt words about how they have impacted your life.
  2. Pick up the phone and call. Yes, it may feel awkward to share your verbal, heartfelt words, but do it anyway. Find the words that sincerely express how you feel about them.

When you take your communication to this deeper level, you will feel the shift in your words and theirs.

Most importantly, you will feel the shift in your relationship. You will feel the shift in your connection. Let these friends know they matter.


Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley, a business coach for more than 25 years, has recently founded a new greeting card business, Yes You Matter. As a cancer survivor, she is passionate that our relationships are not at the surface level, but rather are genuine and authentic. Lauren speaks professionally on this topic and has written three books. Visit the website at

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