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Build Your Own Kid Cuterie

Have a fun time playing with your food!

Make any food into a board. Everyone will love arranging a variety of food and enjoying the goodies too.  Check out my selections below.

Servings: 4 | Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: None (unless you decide to bake cookies or make your frosting from scratch)

Cook’s tip:  You can use more than one dip for variety. If you have picky eaters, consider putting everything in separate bowls and then place all the bowls on the board. These boards are fun for parties too! For more fun recipes, check out my blog at:


  • Fruit: Sliced apples, berries, grapes
  • Cheese: Mini cheeses, sliced cheese, String Cheese
  • Meat: Roll up ham, salami, turkey, peperoni
  • Dippers: Crackers, breadsticks, pretzels
  • Veggies: Celery sticks, carrots, cucumber slices
  • Dip: Ranch, French Onion, or your kid’s fave!
  • Frosting: One can of buttercream or cream cheese frosting
  • Sprinkles to top the buttercream frosting
  • Cookies: Milano, shortbread, and or chocolate chip
  • Candy: Gummy Bears, M&Ms, and or Licorice


  1. Determine what you will arrange your creation on — A platter, cutting board, divided platter, or parchment paper are great options
  2. Choose a few small bowls for dips and candies
  3. Select two glasses for the breadsticks and String Cheese
  4. I divide the board into two zones, one for the savory and fruit (first six from the list place on the left) and one for the dessert (last four, on the right).
  5. To build the board start by placing the items that go into the cups and bowls: On the left, place the bowl of dip(s) and the glasses of breadsticks and string cheese.
  6. Arrange the veggies, meats, cheese, dippers, and fruit to fill in the gaps on the left side.
  7. With a spreader, on the right side of the board spread the frosting then dust the sprinkles atop the frosting.
  8. Place the cookies and candies on the right side of the board around the frosting to fill in the gaps.

Jaimie Johnson, Pampered Chef

Jaimie Johnson, “Chef Jaimie”, shares the art of cooking, baking, and entertaining with friends and families everywhere. She has 18 years in the food industry. Johnson enjoys teaching baking and decorating techniques. She also enjoys teaching about making healthy meals in a hurry, assembling time-saving meal prep in her workshops, and creating the perfect party and bridal shower experiences with her Pampered Chef business. When she is not cooking, Johnson has a full-time marketing career with a well-known travel company and enjoys spending time with her family, including her new puppy, Ace. For more fun recipes, check out her blog at:

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