A Retirement Coach is Like a Golf Caddie

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Imagine an amateur golfer playing in the Masters Tournament. Or even a professional golfer playing in the tournament without a caddie to talk through challenging shots. Do you think the results would be anything other than disastrous?

A retirement coach is like a golf caddie. No, we are not here to carry and wash clubs. We are here to help those planning to retire, by focusing on elements of the “game” that may not be anticipated and, if overlooked, may interfere with a fulfilling retirement.

Where a golfer is focused on making a low score, the caddie is focused on other tasks that directly influence the outcome of the game. Good caddies blend managerial skills and statistics with psychology and nutrition to give their golfer a more competitive edge.

Those planning to retire are usually focused on making sure they will have enough savings to take them through what’s “to be.” Retirement coaches share with you a host of non-financial aspects of retirement that go far beyond financial planning and are often overlooked. How will you replace what has fulfilled you during your career? What will replace activities and relationships you may have come to rely on? These are just a few of the many other things to consider and plan for. Personal health, spending time with a spouse or partner, children, grandchildren — the list could go on and on.

As retirement coaches, we discuss what it will take to adjust and move through this life-changing transition. Through one-on-one retirement coaching, workshops, and assessments, a game plan will come together to help you get a hole-in-one on this new course called retirement.


Sue Mintz

Sue Mintz, Founder of Retirementhood™, is a coach, speaker, writer, and facilitator. She educates and guides soon-to-be or current retirees on becoming the best version of themselves in retirement by planning a lifestyle that is purposeful, healthy, fun, and one that fulfills long-awaited goals. She has been certified through Retirement Options, a division of Career Partners Intl, LLC., and is an Authorized "Now What®" Coach/Facilitator. She is not a financial adviser. For more information about Sue and the services she offers, visit or contact her at

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