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Your Support Fuels Fossil Rim Conservation

Since opening to the public in 1984, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has been doing great work for animal conservation. Now, visitors have the power to take its impact to new heights.

As a nonprofit, Fossil Rim depends on generous donors to work for the benefit of a dozen endangered species, as well as many others under threat. Here are some examples:

Fossil Rim is a founding member of the International Rhino Foundation and has provided annual funding since 2006, with Fossil Rim’s Director of Animal Care serving the organization in an advisory role. The Director also serves as a consultant for the Sahara Conservation Fund, to which Fossil Rim donated scimitar-horned oryx for its historical reintroduction of the species in 2016. Fossil Rim has generally made monetary donations to the Sahara Conservation Fund since 2009.

dave burton apc E
Attwater’s Prairie Chicken | Photo by Dave Burton

Fossil Rim is also a significant player in Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Recovery Program.

Up to 75% of the endangered Texas grouse released into the wild each year were hatched at its wildlife center.

As a member of Conservation Centers for Species Survival, Fossil Rim plays a role in the Cheetah Breeding Center Coalition, and Cheetah Sustainability Program.

Fossil Rim also supports the Source Population Alliance, the American Prairie Reserve’s Big Herds Project, the Songbird Survival Program, sustainability for wattled cranes, and many, many other programs.

Public support powers Fossil Rim’s mission of conservation in addition to its own educational programming, including both in-person and virtual events. Conservationists can take part from the comfort of their own homes.

Education also happens within the staff, as the animal care and animal health departments each employ multiple interns training to be professionals.

Fossil Rim’s goal is to create a veterinary hospital to replace the animal health team’s small clinic. This hospital will be a game-changer, providing optimal care for more than 1,100 animals.

Fossil Rim puts your generous donations to work for the unique animal species that roam the grounds, with conservation as the tantamount goal.


Tye Chandler

Tye Chandler is a marketing associate for Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. He previously spent 12 years writing for newspapers, focusing on sports coverage. Chandler’s primary duties at Fossil Rim include writing blog entries and producing social media content for Facebook and Twitter. He also writes articles and other documentation as needed for the media. Chandler loves obscure beer varieties nearly as much as fantasy football. His favorite Fossil Rim animal was the late, great “Mork,” a brown-nosed coati.

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