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Your Astrocast for November and December

End-of-year energy, gratitude, and love

Hey, cosmic kids, we are heading into November and coming out of a full moon in Taurus. You may be stumbling out of the funhouse thinking, “What the hell just happened?”

That hedonistic last week of October may have you 5 pounds heavier and hungover, especially if you are one of the water signs— Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer— we do like our spirits! 

It is time to put the pedal to the medal and finish those projects that were left sitting on the desk while all the Halloween shenanigans were going down and reality was not at the top of our minds. The first two weeks of November are sober and, at the same time, serious as the energy focuses on worldly issues that could rock us all out of the boat that we have been paddling in to make it back to solid ground. Venus is in Libra and demanding truth and transparency. No matter the situation, any hidden agendas will rise to the surface. Be truthful and watch the outcome turn in your favor where legalities are concerned. 

This information is critical for Libra, Aries, and Gemini signs. You three are all excellent at spinning yarns when up against the wall, and most of the time, it works for you, but this time, not so much, so be truthful and short-winded when pressed and experience once and for all how much easier life can be by just getting to the punchline without excess yarn spinning!

As November rolls along with the fallen leaves blowing in the wind and earlier twilight, Sagittarius comes flying in like a witch on a broom and stirs up some magic. Poof! 

The energy is back up a notch, and everyone except Virgo seems to be in a playful mood. Oh, that Virgo! What you need to learn about Virgo is they party like a rockstar at home in their underwear and then present to the world a gloomy side. 

No worries, Virgo, by the end of the month, after Thanksgiving, you will feel a bit freer as your boss gives you the overdue raise. 

It is the reaping season for the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo as Pluto in Capricorn starts its last hurrah, moving to the finish line of prosperity and bowing to the 2024 audience as it prepares to leave the stage. 

The epitome of November is like the theatrical masks of comedy and tragedy; to be a great comedian, you must understand sadness. There are many lessons for November, but it is worth it when you meet the challenge and conquer it. 

My advice for this cosmic energy that may seem so sluggish for Aquarius, Leo, and Pisces is to lean into all roadblocks, slow down and carefully climb over the obstacles, and once on the other side, start running as a clear path lies ahead leading into the rest of the holiday season. 

Libra, it is time you stop second-guessing yourself. You are an artist with talent enough for us all. Grab a paintbrush and let go.

December is chock full of good times, with roaring fires and party attire. If you are a Leo, your adoring fans await. Your sexy flair is just what gets the season going. 

The full moon in Sagittarius on the 12th paired up with Venus in Scorpio will set the heart ablaze and create a steamy scene for Leo, Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius as two or more wild lovers collide with no regard as to how they might look in the morning when the hangover starts! LOL…do it anyway! The next day, Mercury goes retrograde for the last time in 2023 and is in Capricorn. 

It is a perfect occasion for bringing it all home for the holidays and feeling nostalgic for times long ago. Lots of laughter, family, and friends, all reminiscing and telling stories of happy past holidays as you make new memories for the future. 

This Mercury retrograde will give you the time needed to slow down a bit, cross all the T’s, dot all the I’s, and prepare for a prosperous end to a roller coaster ride of a year that didn’t make much sense but certainly had its fair share of comedy and tragedy moments, creating a drama that even William Shakespeare couldn’t have penned!

The full moon in Cancer on the 27th is holding hands with the sun in Capricorn; this has the same effect as watching an elderly couple of many years lovingly dance to their favorite song— still in love no matter what challenges they may have faced. 

As we close out the year, the astral energy is one of love for each other and gratitude that we have a new year to leap into, as it will be an actual Leap Year! I consider that a lucky sign for all the astrological signs! 

Happy New Year from Zen Girl Magic! XOXO


Catherine Young

Catherine Young studied with a master astrologer for 12 years, where she was a teacher of esoteric astrology and metaphysics. This knowledge helped harness her gifts and unite her passions of the many divinations she had been using. Young worked as a psychic at Magic Island and worked with a large clientele for tarot readings. She became a member of the Carl Jung Society and studied theology and natural healing. Young's journey led her to become a Reiki Master— plus, she also teaches energy workshops. Young embraces all forms of divine information that she uses to help those who seek her counsel. You can reach her at or on Facebook at:

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