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Until You’re Willing to Stand in Darkness, You Won’t See Your Own Light

I have a pattern of trying to force things rather than let them flow toward me. Recently, I decided to get involved with a local service organization. It was the ideal home for me. I thought it was the perfect place to contribute my talents, but after many months, I have only found lackluster reciprocation from them. I continue to experience some resistance from their side through unanswered emails and phone calls.

After outlining the creative process in my book, “The Spiritual Artist,” I realized I have the tools to work through this situation.

Whenever I encounter a challenge such as this, I lie quietly in the morning light and ask my internal guidance system, my inner spirit, for guidance. Today, I asked my question and listened. And this is what I heard, “Until you’re willing to stand in darkness, you won’t see your own light.” 

What does it mean? How is that possible? What does it mean to stand in darkness, and why should you stand in darkness if your goal is light? 

We often seek the light. We see glimmers of it in our friends, significant others, family, organizations, society, and more. We chase the light by buying trendy clothes or the newest car model. But often, this is not pure light. What we believe should be our next move from our ego self is only sometimes the best direction.

Dreams of power, popularity, and eternal youth lure us. But the true light is within. The source comes from our connection to spirit. And when we chase after glimmers of light by clinging to relationships that should end or a job that is no longer fulfilling, we can’t see the light guiding us from within. When we receive guidance from our spirit within, it is always clean, bright, and strong. It’s a definite yes. It is not, “I would like to know if this will work.” We don’t have to force it. 

I suddenly realized what “willing to stand in the darkness” meant. We must be brave enough to stand in our ownness. And trust that clear signals from spirit will appear.

Last night was a perfect example of letting things unfold naturally. I was conflicted about a decision. My neighbors invited me to their house for a birthday party, but my husband couldn’t attend because he was in a play. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to a party alone. After some reflection, I realized that this neighbor had always been good to me and deserved my support regardless of my comfort level. I decided to trust the source of light within me and follow my intuition that my neighbor deserved my love and support. I heard a strong “Go!” 

I approached the front door hesitantly, but his wife immediately greeted me, and from that moment on, welcoming faces appeared one after another. I relaxed into it and trusted myself, spirit, and the process. 

I had a great time meeting interesting people one after the other. I even met two people who eagerly shared a synchronicity with my goals. They both took my contact information and promised a future connection.

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We try to force things to happen. We sometimes join organizations that we think will help us. We often maintain relationships out of a sense of fear. Who will I be if I am no longer related to this person, place, or thing? But, if we’re willing to stand alone in the darkness, we will see a light. Spirit is always guiding us through creative impulse and divine intuition. 

As you enter the world today, look for the light, but don’t try to force it. Be willing to stand on your own, look within, listen to the divine guidance always coming your way, and know it is all good. 

That organization that I was talking about earlier – I’m still unsure if it can be what I want it to be. I will listen to spirit before I take the next step. I will be willing to stand in what feels like darkness and find the answer in the light.  


Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller is an artist and the author of The Spiritual Artist, available on Amazon, and the producer of The Spiritual Artist Podcast. For more information, visit

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