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Touchmark at Emerald Lake in McKinney

A unique retirement community is welcoming residents

North Texas has a new full-service retirement community — Touchmark at Emerald Lake in McKinney! This distinctive community offers a social, vibrant lifestyle for the 55+ crowd. The lakeside setting, convenient location near downtown McKinney, and full-service amenities are just a few of its unique aspects.

Their excited first residents are moving into their new homes and encouraging others to take a tour.

Linda Nuiman and her husband are one of the first couples settling in, “My husband and I had been searching extensively for a place for about five to seven years. There was always a drawback. Then, we made the call to see what Touchmark was all about. I am excited to finally find a place my husband and I could agree on. We have a nice-sized apartment, and an added plus, Emerald Lake is pet-friendly. Our sweet dog can make new friends, too. The community is in a convenient location, enabling us to continue our membership at our country club and play golf with friends here.”

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Good conversations

A Company with a Long Legacy of Supporting Families

Privately owned and operated by Touchmark, a company with over 40 years of experience, Touchmark at Emerald Lake offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care options.

Residents have a high degree of flexibility now and in the future — They may choose between a deposit or rental plan and flexible dining options. Also, when the need arises, they can transition to higher levels of care.

Touchmark founder and Chairman Werner G. Nistler, Jr.’s top wish when his parents began needing extra support, was to find a place where they could be together and remain fulfilled. He sought a community setting where his parents would have value as individuals with unique backgrounds, goals, and needs.

Not finding such a place, Nistler made it his life’s mission to create that unique environment for others. When he started Touchmark in 1980, the vibrant, modern retirement community concept did not exist. By the time others came around to the idea, Nistler’s vision was already laying the strong foundation that families would come to expect.

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Walk around the community

Thoughtfully Planned with Intention — McKinney is the Place!

Touchmark chose McKinney and the retirement community’s site based on many factors, including its proximity to the vibrant downtown, the private lake, and plenty of green space. Close to nearby parks and golf courses, this site has allowed a community filled with active lifestyle options on one beautiful campus.

Vice President and Executive Director Matthew Hoskin says, “I am super excited to bring Touchmark’s active lifestyle to Texas and be part of the team that will share their acclaimed Full Life Program with families throughout the area. The setting and design for this high-quality community are unparalleled.”

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Friends and coffee

The {FULL} Life at Touchmark

Touchmark’s {FULL} Life is grounded in the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational.

Its international award-winning Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™ is based on the people living in the community and its mission: To enrich people’s lives. Team members work directly with residents to learn their unique experiences, passions, interests, and goals to develop ever-evolving programming, services, events, and activities.

“On our first visit, I felt that this is our new home with all the luxuries and amenities that my husband and I both have been waiting on,” says future resident Martha Honea. “We want that dining experience; we want the ability to just walk down the hall and have a meal or join people for a drink.”

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Enjoy delicious five-star dining!

A Well-Balanced Lifestyle

Residents can enjoy five-star dining and wellness opportunities without the hassles of home and yard maintenance. With various dining venues, including a full-service bar, bistro, and restaurant, and a dedicated team of health and fitness professionals, residents can maintain or improve their physical and mental abilities while having fun in social settings. The Health & Fitness Studio offers large and small group classes, personal training, and a variety of cardio, strength, balance, and stretching equipment.

New resident Nuiman says, “The more we learned about Touchmark — the building, the location, all that it represents with the recreational and health activities, working out, and being able to walk our dog — after we’d been there, we looked at each other and said, ‘That’s the place, isn’t it?’ and it was.”

Discover How Touchmark is Different

Touchmark at Emerald Lake is welcoming its first residents. Tours are offered during business hours or by appointment. Call 469-343-4901 or visit for more information to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable retirement counselor.



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