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Make Family Memories on a Safari in Texas

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Take your grandchildren on an adventure they may not otherwise experience with their parents!

A day trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center could be the winning ticket for you and your grandchildren, this fall. Let’s go over all your options and explore some helpful tips along the way!

Fossil Rim opens at 8:30 a.m. daily, which is the best time to start an animal adventure no matter the time of year. Hourly arrival windows are available each day until 4:30 p.m. With autumn in full swing, hot afternoons become less of an issue. Either way, be sure to reserve tickets online before you head to the facility. 

Fossil Rim’s guided tours are fantastic learning opportunities that also afford visitors exclusive access to closed-off portions of the Center. They max out at 10 people per group.

There are significantly fewer guest vehicles at Fossil Rim on weekdays. So there is a strong chance your crew will have better animal encounters. It’s easier to garner the animals’ attention with a few well-placed feed pellets when there are less people around.

Face coverings are required when outside your vehicle, but you do not have to get out of the car unless you want to. The Fossil Rim store features some fun animal masks you can order ahead of time, in case your little visitor needs some encouragement to put one on.

Roughly halfway through your journey along the 7.2-mile Gosdin Scenic Drive, you have the option to head up to the Overlook. There, you can take a bathroom break and place an order at the Overlook Café (featuring several kids’ meals). You can eat at picnic tables or in your vehicle.

The café is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

While you are in the neighborhood, you might stroll into the Nature Store, which is just about the best gift shop you’ll find. The Nature Store has it all, from plush animals to jewelry and toys. Fair warning: Your grandchild may try to sweet talk you into a purchase or three.

If you arrive later in the day, know you will need to exit the park by 6:30p.m. Beginning November 1st, closing time will shift to 3:30 p.m. for the park and 5:30 p.m for the entire facility. The opening time will always be 8:30 a.m.

Fossil Rim has so much for you and your grandguest to enjoy, from red deer bugling, fallow deer fighting, trees changing color, and maybe even a wolf howling here and there.

Don’t miss your chance to hang out with your favorite animals this fall!
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Tye Chandler

Tye Chandler is a marketing associate for Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. He previously spent 12 years writing for newspapers, focusing on sports coverage. Chandler’s primary duties at Fossil Rim include writing blog entries and producing social media content for Facebook and Twitter. He also writes articles and other documentation as needed for the media. Chandler loves obscure beer varieties nearly as much as fantasy football. His favorite Fossil Rim animal was the late, great “Mork,” a brown-nosed coati.

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