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In our December 2023 edition of fyi50+, you learned about reiki, a form of energy healing that originated in Japan over a century ago and its impact on the healing process. In this edition you will learn the top 10 reasons reiki could suit you.

Promotes peace, relaxation, security, and wellness

Studies have shown that reiki can foster a sense of calm and tranquility, providing a much-welcomed break from today’s fast-paced, over-stimulating world. Reiki sessions can place you in a meditative state in the short term and, in the long term, help you shift your energy to find the answers you seek that often lie within.

Practice in person or long-distance

Most are surprised to learn reiki can be as effective remotely as during an in-person visit. A distance session can save you precious drive time and set you up to drift off to sleep, during or after a session, in the comfort of your own home.

Complementary to most medical treatments

Reiki has emerged as part of a category called complementary medicine.  It can enhance the effectiveness of other therapies, medicines, and treatments to aid healing. Various establishments across the globe, including hospitals, senior centers and hospice settings offer reiki.


Practitioners act according to reiki principles and should only initiate reiki healing with your permission or that of a proxy. The energy work can be done by either holding one’s hands over your body or placing one’s hands with your consent. 

Reiki is open to all faiths

Reiki applies to individuals of varying beliefs, encompassing the deeply religious, the spiritual in nature, atheists, and everyone in between. It is not a religion but a belief in a universal energy at the core of each of us. While reiki has traditional origins in Japan, it continuously evolves as each Reiki Master is encouraged to leave a unique imprint on the practice, ensuring its relevance in the next era.

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Comfort is key

In a traditional reiki session, your clothing is on and your shoes are off while lying on a reiki table or seated in a chair. For extra comfort, some reiki practitioners use an extended, wider, and more cushioned table with different-sized pillows for support under your knees. The setting can be either a dimly lit or a bright and cheery space. 

Meets you where you are at in life

From birth to the end of life and beyond, reiki can support and the healing of those in need. Reiki can be received by anyone, no matter what state they are in mentally, physically, or spiritually, and can serve as a gentle reminder of who knows you best!

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Can encompass your past, present, and future

Reiki can help you unwind experiences from your past, resolve stubborn issues in your present, and balance your thoughts about the future. Reiki practitioners can often see the entanglements of the physical body and the emotional self and can work with you to let them go and move forward.

Power back in your hands

The empowerment from reiki sessions and training can be profound. The experience can leave you with a renewed sense of knowledge about your energetic space and how to care for this energy for optimal results. Not only can you receive reiki sessions, but you can also choose to take classes at different levels to learn to do reiki on yourself (Level 1, self-reiki), for others (Level 2, reiki practitioner), or teach reiki to others (Level 3, Reiki Master).

There is no reiki guru

Your reiki practitioner is your teacher and your student, learning from every session conducted. While each practitioner has the required training to be attuned to the universal energy and serve as its conduit, that same energy is open to everyone.

Join us for our next edition of fyi50+ as we further unlock the mysteries of reiki.  


Betty Crowe

Betty Crowe is a certified Reiki Master, both practitioner and teacher. Helping each client to better understand their body, mind, and soul with reiki is what she loves to do. Empowering you to move energy is her specialty. For more information about reiki sessions, classes, and attunements visit or contact her at

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