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The Benefits of an Astrology Consultation

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Astrology is one of the oldest wisdom systems in the world, originating in Mesopotamia in 2400 BC. Astrology could be deemed the first science, as planetary interactions observed in the night sky were used to chart seasonal agricultural calendars.

For centuries, only kings could consult with an astrologer. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can. Astrological lingo is now a part of our cultural lexicon. But, cultural familiarity aside, an astrological birth chart consultation can provide many with a depth of knowledge that goes well beyond knowing one’s sun sign and its stereotypical traits. The more informed you are about your natal patterns, the more empowered you can be in your life’s journey.

Astrology is the study of the movements of the sun, moon, and planets, and how those movements influence human behavior. Astrology is not a science; rather, it’s a symbolic language. It uses hieroglyphic symbols to help uncover unconscious ideas, thought patterns, and images that awaken your personal myth or life story. I liken it to your secret code.

The placement of the planets in the solar system at the exact moment of your birth influences your entire life. The birth chart is a wheel divided into 12 sections, called Houses. Each House is associated with one of the 12 zodiac signs and planets interspersed around the wheel.

An astrologer can decode the chart and describe your inner world, personality traits, love life, finances, professional life, marriage, marriage partners, parents, children, siblings, and friends. Just about any issue can be studied and discussed. Your birth chart is a map identifying potentialities.

The astrologer does not persuade but rather informs, clarifies, or proposes solutions based upon the signals read from the chart. It is merely an interpretation. Free will and self-determination are always in play; you choose the where and the how in charting the course of your life. The birth chart is a powerful tool that reveals options that you may have not considered before astrological counsel.

An astrology reading can offer an alternative perspective and much-needed validation. In my practice, clients come to me when they are not clear on which direction they should go, whether it be professionally, in a relationship, concerning a health issue, or with any number of other life scenarios. They are often frozen in their decision process; fear keeps them from taking steps into the unknown.

Even though life is for the most part uncharted terrain, your birth chart can offer significant and often exact indicators on how to move forward. A reading can help point you towards your North Star, even in the midst of unsettling change. Together, we work to find solutions to problems and pinpoint where you are most empowered. The insights gained from a consultation can help you access untapped potentials and pursue passions to create a richer life experience.


Elizabeth Furr

Elizabeth Furr is a second-generation astrologer who has been reading professionally for 30 years. She holds a BA in Psychology from New York University and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. Elizabeth blends her extensive knowledge of metaphysics, esoteric studies and contemporary psychology with her own intuitive and soul-centered approach to astrology. Elizabeth can be reached for a consultation at or 214-300-1023.

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