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Sprezza: A Unique Dining Experience

Chef Julian Barsotti opened Sprezza in early 2016. Located in the Maple Avenue Dining District, Sprezza is a Roman restaurant and tavern that focuses on pasta and pizza dishes.

The atmosphere of Sprezza is like that of a cute house transformed into a restaurant. The inclusion of an open kitchen enhances its clean and light architecture with enough spacing between tables, that creates a perfect dining experience.


Service at Sprezza is approachable and well-informed; shout out to Mario from my last visit as his food and wine recommendations were excellent. The staff is so friendly that when I celebrated earning my Eagle Scout there, the chef personally crafted a chocolate eagle on my lemon tart dessert!

The menu is constantly rotating so some of my favorites such as the squash blossoms are not always available. However, there are plenty of fixed options to choose from. Their braised lamb meatballs look simple but are complex and delicate in taste; they add no binding, so the meatballs gently break away with a fork. This perfectly matches the Italian origin of the restaurant’s name, sprezzatura: “to do something complex and make it look easy.”

Sprezza4I prefer ordering their home-made pasta as their pizzas don’t quite meet the same standards. If you are a red sauce type of pasta-lover, the Bucatini Amatriciana is the way to go. Thick pieces of guanciale and a sweet tomato-based sauce that pairs impeccably with one of their bold Italian wines. If you prefer white sauce pastas, their Cacio e Pepe is a cheesy, warming option for any cold evening.

Sprezza’s creative menu allows for a unique experience with every visit.


4010 Maple Ave. | Dallas | sprezzadallas.com


Ayush Saha

Ayush Saha is an adventurous soul who loves to try new things and explore cool places in and around Dallas and other locations.

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