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Shopping Guide: Updated Hours and Curbside Pickup for Our Fur Babies

In our “New Normal” of staying home to protect ourselves and others, there are still times we need to venture out and restock our cupboards.

Below is a shortlist of stores with shopping hours for seniors, updated store hours, and curbside pickup for your Best Furry Buddy.


Remember, before leaving home, wash your hands thoroughly, 20 seconds minimum, in between your fingers,
and don’t forget your thumbs. I sing the Happy Birthday song as I count to 20, and sanitize the cart handle with the wipes provided at most store’s doors. While you are shopping, keep a safe distance of six feet between you and other people, and carry sanitizer to clean your hands after you check out.  

Also, many stores are only accepting credit/debit cards, so if you can use a credit card instead of cash, please do so. Money has the potential to hold on to more bacteria after being passed from one person to the next. Happy safe shopping!


All Albertson’s stores will now be open for Seniors from 7 AM – 9 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visit

Big Lots

Big Lots is reserving the first hour of every day for Seniors to shop.


Will be open for members 60+ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 – 9 am. The pharmacy will also be open.

Home Depot Stores

All Home Depot stores are temporarily adjusting their store hours to close at 6 PM. Opening hours will remain the same.


Senior hours are 6 – 7:30 AM Tuesday and Thursday. All stores are open 6 AM – 1 AM. Visit for locations.

Market Street

Market Street has created a special time for seniors, 60+ and immuno-compromised individualizes —Monday and Thursday mornings, 6 AM – 9 AM. The store is open until 10 PM. Regular hours for all customers for the remaining days of the week are 6 AM – 10 PM. For more information visit:

Natural Grocers

All locations are now closing at 7:35 PM.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Stores are open from 7 AM – 8 PM daily.


Seniors 65+ Target has you covered with your own shopping hours. Seniors may shop Wednesdays 8 – 9 AM. Stores remain open to 11 PM. Check for a location near you.

Tom Thumb

For restocking and to better serve the community, all Tom Thumb locations will now be open from 7 AM – 10 PM; Senior hours are 7 AM – 9 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For locations visit:

Trader Joes

Select stores will open early for seniors and at-risk customers.  Call your local store to find out exact hours.


Every Tuesday from 8 – 9 AM is now Senior day and will include all-day discounts.

Walmart Stores

Walmart has changed their hours: 7 AM – 8:30 PM with 6 – 7 AM on Tuesdays reserved for Seniors. Visit

Whole Foods

Seniors 60+ can shop peacefully and protected, Monday – Friday 7 – 8 AM. For locations visit


GoldenCat SS646123102 C

For Your Fur Babies

Odyssey Pets

Offering FREE curbside pickup for your pet’s needs. They are also providing direct delivery for a fee. Call 972.407.1166 to place your order. Website ordering is coming soon. Curbside pickup, FREE, Delivery, within a 5-mile radius; $40 purchase, $5.95 delivery fee, 10+ miles; $40 purchase, $10 delivery fee. 14999 Preston Rd, 400A, Dallas.


Pets Supplies Plus, all locations

Take advantage of a 2- hour window for curbside pickup. When you need food for your Best Furry Friend, you may minimize your contact while caring for your four-legged family’s needs. Place your order online at, and a happy staff member will get it ready in as little as 2 hours. Then, call when you get to the location, and they will load it into your trunk for FREE! Hours 9 AM – 9 PM. For locations visit



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