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Meet Artist Katherine Baronet

Local Mixed Media Artist Finds Inspiration in Poetry

Above photo: “Dreamscape” ~

“True poetry speaks to me in an inspirational way,” Katherine Baronet says. “My paintings often contain the essence of a poem, not in words but in imagery and emotion.”

While the source of inspiration for an artist sometimes contains a bit of mystery, local artist Katherine Baronet has found her muse in poetry and personal spiritual transformation.

Whether reflected upon before beginning her work or written into the piece, Baronet is stirred to creative action through the power of the word.

Mixed media is defined as the process of incorporating at least two different mediums into one piece of art. As a mixed media artist, Baronet combines a variety of media into her compositions. She has used graphite, oil stick, cut paper, acrylic and oil pastels, and, yes, even poetry fragments and quotes in her work.

Baronet also has an exceptional talent with detailed graphic drawings and often incorporates them into her paintings. She’ll add a single flash of acrylic to emphasize one or two specific elements.

“I don’t have a favorite,” she says. “I continually broaden my visual vocabulary by making as many different kinds of marks as I can imagine. It’s about mark-making, and every tool provides a different opportunity.”

Baronet currently teaches workshops at the Creative Arts Center in East Dallas. She also offers private and group painting classes in her studio near the Dallas Arboretum.

baronet mystical goat SOLD
Mystical Goat
baronet lions claw E2
Lions Claw

One of her workshops, “Mixed Media Portrait,” encourages students to create a self-portrait using scraps from magazines and newspapers.

“It’s about expanding your perception,” Baronet says. “In one class, a student used a picture of a shoe to represent a nose. That cross-referencing brings me great joy.”

Perhaps all of Baronet’s life proficiencies have brought her to this point. In her twenties, she worked in the fashion industry as a model. Later, she expanded her design capabilities as a graphic designer in the Neiman Marcus advertising department and was the creator of the clothing line called The Pink Alien.

More recently, she spent five years as the Artist-in-Residence in the healing arts working for the Methodist Richardson Cancer Center with chemo patients.

Her current mixed media paintings possess strong composition and structure while still maintaining an asymmetric harmony.

“Painting and inspiring others are my gifts,” Baronet said. “And, through my gift, I get to make beauty for the world to experience and have in their environment. It comes from the Master Creator, and it comes through me.”

According to Baronet, it’s about being in a place that’s pure love. She quoted one of her favorite Sufi poets from the 13th Century, Hafez: “Art is the conversation between lovers. True art makes the extraordinary ovation.”

Baronet plans to participate in more gallery showings and continue teaching. To view her work, and a list of classes and workshops, visit


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