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Love Me, Love My Dog

Helping Dog Owners Find Puppy-Approved Love

Are you a single dog-lover who’s spent your love life barking up the wrong tree?

Leigh and Casey Isaacson want to help you. They created, a website and app for pet lovers. Now, humans and their fur babies can find their true loves. DigDates caters to the 55% of pet-owning U.S. singles.

If your dog is your best friend, you live a uber dog-friendly lifestyle. You would do anything for her, like grabbing her out of the jaws of an alligator. If you want to connect with a person with a similar “love me, love my dog” mindset that could lead to a romantic relationship, then this unique app may be just what the matchmaker ordered.

“The idea is simple: Dog people will have more in common and relate best with other dog people,” co-founder Leigh Isaacson said. “There is nothing more frustrating than a good relationship being derailed by a pet-related incompatibility.”

Older single adults enjoy having a pet not only for companionship but also for their health. Studies have shown having pets helps lower blood pressure. People are less stressed and are happier in their lives. So, it makes sense to look for a relationship with a fellow pet person.

More than just a dating app, DigDates also offers advice from veterinarians and dog trainers to help make that first date — both human and doggie — go smoothly.

Having a dog impacts every aspect of one’s life, so it’s vital to learn early on not only if you’re compatible, but also if your dogs are, too. The site proposes dog-friendly dating ideas and even has a digital Dog Park for friendly interactions — with or without romance as a primary goal.

Women have responded very enthusiastically to the site. One thing that became apparent is people 50 and older are exceptionally aware of what they want in a relationship. In fact, 25% of users are over the age of 45, said Isaacson. 

DigDates Lady
DigDates social event

The first engagement from a match on the site was a 70-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman. She thought she had to have a dog to use the platform, so she borrowed her friend’s dog for her profile photo — and that started the conversation.

When thinking of the idea for DigDates, one goal was to cut to the chase and eliminate much of what you don’t even need to discuss. The Isaacson’s wanted to make sure the process was simple so everyone could start on the right foot and paw!

If you are looking for love this year, consider making a New Year resolution to bring love to both you and your furry friend.

PetMatching Sidebar e1609885077588Partnering with Pet Friendly Organizations

Working with rescue groups in each city DigDates visits is an integral way for the organization to get the word out about animals that need a forever home and give back to the incredible nonprofits and shelters. 

The SPCA of Texas is filled with remarkable volunteers and foster parents of all ages (many who are single!). At the Dallas event last year, the SPCA brought puppies available for adoption by a loving family. 


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