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How to Downsize in an Upsized World

In a society that often encourages us to “upsize” our orders, it’s essential to contemplate the effects of our consumerist culture on our lifestyles. 

When considering organization and downsizing, let’s explore what downsizing can represent:

  • Simplified life: Fewer possessions mean less maintenance and fewer chores, resulting in a simplified life.
  • Reduced stress: An uncluttered home environment promotes visual comfort, leading to a more peaceful lifestyle and less stress.
  • Freedom: Downsizing provides more time and resources for activities you enjoy, offering flexibility with time, money, space, and energy.

To embark on the downsizing journey, consider the following organizing process:

  • Start small: Choose one area and set a definite timeline.
  • Plan and execute: Begin the process in small time increments.
  • Organization tools: Prepare four labeled trash bags or boxes: Keep, Trash, Donate, Other.
  • Group similar items: Keep like items together.
  • Keep it simple: Approach the process with simplicity, realism, and a touch of fun.

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Anticipate emotional ties and make mindful decisions:

  • Keep the Essentials: Retain items that bring joy, look great on you, and enhance your well-being.
  • Preserve Memories: Digitize sentimental possessions to preserve memories without the physical clutter.
  • Choose paperless: Simplify your life further by signing up for paperless billing, reducing clutter and decision-making.

Remember, organization is a process. It involves decision-making, management, and understanding our emotional relationship with clutter. When will you start your downsizing journey?


Tammy O’Neil

Tammy O’Neil is an Associate Certified ADHD Coach, Certified Parent Trainer, Certified Student Success Coach and a Professional Organizer that specializes in ADHD, chronic disorganization, and hoarding. O'Neil fosters a cooperative coaching partnership with her clients and collaborates with them to reach their goals. If you want more information about how to get and stay organized, contact her for a FREE 20-minute phone consult at 304.834.5678 or or Tune in to "LIVE with the Organizer Coach," virtual presentation every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30–7 pm. Visit for more information.

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