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Get Organized in 2021

Getting organized is an intentional choice: One that is made with deliberate, systematic thinking.
Choosing not to get organized is also a choice, and one that many people avoid making.
Some questions my clients frequently ask are:

    • What is involved in effective decision-making?
    • How can I apply decision making skills to organizational skills?
    • How do I begin?
    • How long will it take?

A strong decision-making plan is key to getting organized. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

*Problem Recognition: The client develops a need or a want. For example, the client is downsizing and wants to organize their kitchen.

*Search Process: In the search phase, the client will research products or services that can satisfy their need to downsize and organize.

For example, the client may consult the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Consultants (NAPO) to find an organizer, such as myself, who specializes in senior downsizing, moving, and/or relocation services.

*Evaluate Alternatives: The client will read several reviews and compare the quality of services and prices, ultimately choosing what most satisfies their parameters.

For example, the client chooses their organizer coach based on the quality of service, expertise, and superb customer orientation they can provide.

*Selection Stage: When the organizing assessment is complete, and the client’s organizational personality/style has been identified, the client decides what investment package to select from the organizer coach.

For example, the client chose the 40-hour investment package based on the nature of the project, benefits of the package, accountability practices, and sustainability standards.

*Decision Evaluation: Once the investment purchase is made, the organizer coach reviews it with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.

For example, the organizer coach reviews progress status with the client regularly, removes and resolves any barriers, and discusses options. Upon completion of the project, the client receives a thank you card, a brief email survey, and a follow up call to ensure their expectations were exceeded.

How do I begin to get organized?

Begin with the end result in mind and work backwards.

Visualize your space. What do you see, smell, and hear? Determine your goal. Do you want to reclaim your time, money, space, and energy? Do you want more time for the things you value in life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, getting organized is a natural segue.

How much time is involved?

The amount of time involved depends on the project, expectations, and the amount of help you have. Hiring a professional organizer is definitely a timesaver.

Happy organizing,



Tammy O’Neil

Tammy O’Neil is an Associate Certified ADHD Coach, Certified Parent Trainer, Certified Student Success Coach and a Professional Organizer that specializes in ADHD, chronic disorganization, and hoarding. O'Neil fosters a cooperative coaching partnership with her clients and collaborates with them to reach their goals. If you want more information about how to get and stay organized, contact her for a FREE 20-minute phone consult at 304.834.5678 or or Tune in to "LIVE with the Organizer Coach," virtual presentation every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30–7 pm. Visit for more information.

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