Jessica Jarrard

Jessica Jarrard is a licensed clinical social worker, (LCSW) and has been working in the mental health field for over 20 years. have a deep respect for my clients' individual experiences, and provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to develop insight and grow. I know how difficult the first step is, and value your trust in me. I am actively engaged in the recovery community, both personally and professionally. I am also a parent. I believe my experiences have helped to shape me as a therapist, and allow me to appreciate a diverse range of issues, cultures, and individuals. She completed her Master's degree in Clinical Social Work at San Francisco State University. She attended Barnard College, the women's college at Columbia University, and completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Sonoma State University, in California. The field of psychotherapy offers a variety of services. I have worked in acute settings (psychiatric hospitalization), subacute settings (residential treatment), and intensive outpatient treatment settings, as well as maintaining my private practice. As a clinician in a rapidly changing field, I recognize the importance of maintaining a critical eye to my work, and participate in several professional peer consultation groups that meet regularly. As professional colleagues, we provide clinical feedback and challenge each other to be the best in our fields.
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