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Astrocast for September and October

There’s something for all signs

Illustrations by Jess Hock

We start September with Mercury retrograde in Virgo for another two weeks and six other planets retrograde.

For Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius, the first few weeks will seem like the movie “Groundhog Day” as you find yourself repeating and reliving the same stuff until you say, “Enough already,” and mean it! Your intentions toward facilitating change are admirable, but your follow-through seems to wane each time.

For Pisces, Cancer, and Leo, you were tired of the routine when the month started and are finding your way out of the slump of lazy, hazy days gone by. You are ready for fall and have everything set in motion for the change of seasons and the retrograde merry-go-round that you stumbled off at the end of August. You have been using your intuition to anticipate new fashion trends that are more to your dramatic flair! We will see a throwback to the early 70s, and for the 50-plussers, this will be fine!


Heading into the latter part of September, when Mercury is free to proceed along its merry way, we need to realize that what was old is new again, and if we do not address things, we will get caught in a time warp that keeps us from progress.

The new moon in Virgo on the 15th brings the rollercoaster to a screeching halt. You don’t want to be at the start of the incline but rather be at the very top so that if you wiggle a bit, you will coast to your final destination and get off the ride!

Aquarius and Libra should find that the approaching fall season gives a fresh sense of freedom from the creative restrictions of the last few months. Capricorn and Taurus may feel tired of the overabundance of stuff that surrounds them. It is smothering your freedom. Take the load off and find a charity to benefit from your outdated good taste!


Venus is still in Leo until the end of the month, and the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are still high from the last of summer romance. If you haven’t sealed the deal by now, let go of the object of your affection that has steadily been resisting you and MOVE ON! Your friends are tired of hearing the same old rhetoric about “the one.” They all knew it wasn’t to be!

Fire signs, your determination to victory is admirable when placed upon something good for you! Virgo has been standing by patiently but is starting to yawn while Pisces and Scorpio have swum to a cooler and much less populated body of water.


By the end of September, after the fall equinox has landed, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will feel more soothing as it allows time to slow down and start thinking about the fast-approaching holiday season. The end of September will be an excellent time for Libra, Sag, and Virgo to begin planning lovely parties.

They are celebrating the end of the turbulent summer months and releasing a nice breeze of fresh air, allowing you to breathe as you have held your breath about business and finance for a while and almost passed out from experiences that were out of your control. You have possibly learned the real meaning of rolling with the tides and will be better prepared when another rough patch crosses your path.


The first week of October is about creating a new style for Libra, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. Haircuts, wardrobe, attitude, fitness, and positive thinking will be on the menu. It should be for everyone, but some more traditional signs will stick to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and that’s ok. We are free to be who and what we want, but sometimes that attitude can come back and bite you in the more progressive world, especially in business!

In the middle of the month, we find manners are back in style, and this works perfectly for the shy Cancer crabs and the affable Capricorns who love parties and all the pleasures of food and drink that are a match for any Taurus chef and sommelier.

I predict a more pleasurable fall than we had in the past few years, and the cosmic energy lends itself to a much more dressed-up and elegant time of year.

The full moon in Taurus on October 28th is a time of revelation.  We learn of secrets that may be shocking to some but very liberating as we move on from old ideologies and embrace a time of magic and spellcasting. That leads right up to a Halloween climax that wakes us all from a nightmare that is no longer overpowering the dreams that we have held from the start of the year. All is possible, and you can feel it as the night sky clears, revealing the millions of stars we knew were there all along.

Hopeful, exhilarated, and energetic will be the new norm for those who “CARPE DIEM” as the cosmos lend themselves to those who bravely reach out and grab the big brass ring!

Happy fall to all!


Catherine Young

Catherine Young studied with a master astrologer for 12 years, where she was a teacher of esoteric astrology and metaphysics. This knowledge helped harness her gifts and unite her passions of the many divinations she had been using. Young worked as a psychic at Magic Island and worked with a large clientele for tarot readings. She became a member of the Carl Jung Society and studied theology and natural healing. Young's journey led her to become a Reiki Master— plus, she also teaches energy workshops. Young embraces all forms of divine information that she uses to help those who seek her counsel. You can reach her at or on Facebook at:

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