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Anxiety Nation: 9 Reasons Why Wine Can Help

Have you got anxiety? No surprise—we all live in Anxiety Nation these days.

Inflation, climate change, no affordable healthcare, social media! We can’t get a break. Wine can help, but does anyone care about wine nowadays?

That bears the question— Why should you care about wine?

Anxiety Relievers

If you crave some anxiety relief, you may choose meditation or medication. The more perfect might choose a non-alcoholic beverage after an exercise workout. The less perfect might exercise an arm with a hard seltzer, hard-cold coffee, or a cocktail in a can. Compared to all these options, wine seems traditional and boring.

Here’s Why—

You should care about wine because it’s about people like you and the community. It’s not about industrial processes or assembly line plonk. A winegrower is a farmer who plants and nurtures grape vines and then transforms those grapes into wine. The goal is to craft something beautiful that amplifies your life when you share it with your loved ones.

9 More Reasons to Care About Wine

  1. Independence. Wine is as American as the 4th of July. Our country has an important history of winemaking, and our people have the qualities it takes to make wine: independence, autonomy, and self-reliance.
  2. Community. Winemaking is a deeply collaborative process that includes you, the person who buys and shares the bottle. Wine communities are social communities that improve society.
  3. Acceptance. Wine growers, by nature, are practical and down-to-earth. It takes extreme flexibility to join hands with Mother Nature.
  4. History. Every winegrower stands on the shoulders of every other winegrower, setting the stage for every future winegrower. The wine itself is a time capsule that captures one moment, and every vineyard is a legacy for the future.
  5. Innovation. Winegrowers leverage technology to serve the product, the people, and the planet. They choose innovative improvements that deepen the connection between nature and people.
  6. Long-Term. Winegrowers are at the front lines of climate change. They are taking the lead in regenerative agricultural practices to support carbon capture, and being serious stewards of the land results in great wine, a better society, and a healthier planet.
  7. Truth. Mother Nature is no fool, so winegrowers must be open, honest, and authentic about their craft. Crafting a living beverage is a challenge and a privilege.
  8. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. The world of wine is vast. The constant discovery of new grapes adds to the thousands we already know. Winegrowers create new styles beyond the hundreds we already know. People from all over our glorious planet bring this diversity to life.
  9. Magic. Winegrowers are magicians, capturing starlight from the dust of the earth. Winemaking is a wonder machine driven by creative and passionate people.

Wine Tasting Demetrius Fordham W

The Beauty of Wine

Like small-scale farming, winegrowing brings people together and supports healthy communities. It makes the world kinder, more nourishing, and more social.

Find a bottle of wine from a small producer and spend some time with it. Do this for no reason except to add beauty to your anxiety-ridden life. Sip it slowly, savor it, and allow it to reveal its history. Be curious about the experience. What might happen if you give in? What will you learn, see, or feel? Through experiencing this special bottle of wine, you might connect with your life’s fury and exuberance in a way you never thought you would.

The creative experience of wine will change you. And that’s enough. Allow yourself to give into this joy for a moment. Give into nature, human creativity, and passion.

Note: Although some larger producers are winegrowers, remember the big beer, liquor, and wine conglomerates do not produce wine on a human scale.


Jeanne Savelle

Jeanne Savelle writes about wine for wineries, importers, and distributors. She has several certifications from The Wine Scholar Guild and WSET. She has spent 30 years following the wine business around the world. You can learn more at:,

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