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Ann Ranson: Featured Guest on the ‘Renewed Minds’ Podcast

Our esteemed writer, Ann Ranson, was recently featured on the popular podcast ‘Renewed Minds with Leslie O’Hare.’

O’Hare, captivated by Ranson’s unique and thought-provoking article, ‘What If Everything is Happening For You,’ in fyi50+ Magazine, was eager to delve deeper into her distinct insights.

Click here to tune in as they discuss the significance of this phrase for Ranson, including her mention of noted author Byron Katie in her article.


Heidi Frankel

Heidi Frankel is the founder and publisher of fyi50+. She brings an extensive media background that includes publishing, broadcast news, radio, writing, editing, business development and more. She has interviewed former President George W. Bush, comics wunderkind Stan Lee, Gayle King, and Doris Kearns Goodwin among many other notable names.

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