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An Optimal Life: Reaching Your Goals

My quest to unlock the mystery to permanent weight loss has been a lifetime journey. My team and I have narrowed the secrets of weight loss to 5 groups: Food, Exercise, Hormones, Medications and the Desire to make real change in your life! Food is the most complex of the 4 so while it’s number 1 on the list I will discuss it last.


Simply put, move your body. At 85 my mom Beverly goes for walks, does water aerobics and chair yoga. Walk your dog, play with your kids or grandkids, lift light weights and find a 30-minute activity to participate in 4-6 times per week.


I have been on hormone replacement since my 30’s and my wife due to a hysterectomy has been on hormone replacement since her mid 20’s. I also work for the largest and most advance hormone therapy company in the world BioTE Medical. I lecture for them and have their medical experts as guests on my radio show at KRLD 1080. They are the real deal!

70% of their patients are women. Most women have no idea that they require testosterone. Women start losing testosterone in their 20’s and men in their 30’s. When your hormones are low you lose your body’s ability to lose weight, maintain lean muscle, sleep better, think more clearly and most importantly be at your healthiest.

There is also a vast difference from a blood test that has you in the “normal” range vs OPTIMAL range. As a gym owner I’ve seen many people eat right, exercise often and avoid harmful medications but they do not progress in their goals, in fact they actually go backwards due to low hormones. The good news is there’s an easy remedy. It all starts with a simple blood test with a physician current on the latest optimal hormone information.


Many meds cause side effects, bloating, water retention, weight gain, increase in appetite, etc… It is best to check the side effects as well as checking for alternative medications with your doctor. Often optimal hormones, exercise and a solid nutrition plan results in less required meds or to not needing them at all.


The goal is to eat the most nutrient dense foods you can while slightly eating less than your daily caloric requirement. Easier said than done. Start with reducing ALL processed foods, sugary beverages and eating out less. 3 to 5 meals can fit into most schedules. We eat off round plates. A high-quality protein fills 1 third of the plate and fibrous veggies the other third.

The final third will be a little bit of “good for you” carbs and healthier fats or vice versa. I’ve found that at 50+ most people tend to respond better to lower carbs and more moderate fat intake. I certainly do. It starts with due diligence. Ironically it is your adult children who tend to eat better than their own parents by the fact they choose to be knowledgeable on this subject and that’s a good thing.


If you are seeking real change in your life and want to achieve real transformation it is solely within your grasp. Ya just have to want it for yourself.


Larry North

Larry North is a leading expert in health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, Larry owns and operates cutting edge fitness gyms across the nation, the author of several books, and speaks all over the world encouraging people to live a lifestyle encompassing physical, mental & spiritual health.

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