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A Wealth of Activities to Enjoy from Home

Expand your horizons

Are you and your family tired of watching television and movies? Are you done with baking (and eating) delectable desserts?

Spending more time at home these days offers opportunities for enjoyment and learning new hobbies. Here are a few possibilities to explore to bring more fun and variety to the term “staying at home!”

Learn a new language – several online sites offer both free and paid lessons/courses. Check out:

The next time you greet your friends, you can say it in French.

Do you have an interest in Art?

Crafts are a great way to express individuality and provide cheer and hope to neighbors and the community. Making uplifting, colorful signs to place in windows and yards are one way to share support.OneHundred DaffodilsCover

Start an online book club – Choose a selection of light reading material which can be shared and discussed via Skype and Zoom.

Begin or restart a coin or stamp collection.

Take a virtual online tour of art museums or zoos. Here are a few to check out:

Share your favorite recipes online or design and self-publish a cookbook with a variety of tasty dishes.

Re-visit favorite board or card games, there are many solitaire games to choose and enjoy.

Find a space to put together a multi-piece jigsaw puzzle – if you are unable to finish it all at once, leave it on a table so you can return to it at your leisure.

Cultivate a “green thumb” by planting flowers or vegetables. There are many options for windowsill gardens or small patio/balcony plantings if outdoor space isn’t available.

Even as the stay-at-home guidelines are relaxed, situations are different, and people will still be at home a lot. This time offers opportunities to expand knowledge, learn different skills, and explore unique discoveries.

It just may open up doors to exciting new possibilities.


Carolyn Bower

Carolyn Bower is an Ohio-based Freelance Writer who finds inspiration in a variety of areas. Her music articles can be seen in fyi50+, BOOMER Magazine, and GO Magazine (New York City), and her sports articles have appeared in The Sports Column. Her many interests include animal welfare issues and education concerns. Read her articles online at Her interests includes literature and theatre, reading mysteries, and listening to her extensive music collection from the 1940s through the present.

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