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A Poem Devoted to Your Heart Health

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and it’s time to focus on caring for your heart! Take a few minutes to read this lovely poem from the Alaska Health Fair and get inspired to make some changes that will help you protect your heart and keep it healthy.  


Heart health is our goal each day,

To keep it strong in every way.

Know your risks and make a plan

So you can lower them as much as you can.


Blood pressure is the force of the heart,

Make sure it’s checked for a new start.

Foods for the heart should be chosen with care,

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains to share.


Salt and saturated fat we must keep in check,

And exercise to help us stay fit and in spec.

Stress and smoking can take their toll,

But we can manage them and keep our hearts whole.


Regular screenings are key to a healthy heart,

So we can catch any problem from the start.

Protect your heart and be aware,

And you’ll have a heart that’s strong and fair.


Andrei Chakine and the Alaska Health Fair Team

Alaska Health Fair is an organization whose goal is to keep Alaskans happy and healthy through health education and affordable blood testing. This poem is meant to be a fun message for all people. Next time you are on an Alaska cruise, check them out at

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