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Father’s Day Last-Minute Gifts Sure to Please

If you are like me, I thought I had plenty of time to shop for that perfect Father’s Day gift— until I didn’t. But fret not; even though it is getting down to the wire, you can order most of these lovelies now and receive them just in time for Father’s Day.

StarName Registry2 W jpgBuy Dad a Star

For a truly unique present, buy your super Dad a super gift—a visible star in the sky. only names stars in their registry once, meaning Dad’s star is a forever gift. Their Star-Register and APP for iPhone and Android will allow Dad to view his star any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The coordinates are unique to your star.

For more info and package pricing, Click Here


HyperChiller W jpgHyperChiller Beverage Cooler

If your guy loves iced coffee, this brilliant gadget is the perfect gift. The HyperChiller chills your favorite beverage, from coffee to wine and beer, in just 60 seconds! Add water to the unit before you prepare your drink and pop it in the freezer.

Amazon: $43.30


Sock it to me W jpgSock It To Me Subscription

Socks, socks, and more socks! You throw them in the dryer and often have a single rather than a pair. One way to cure this disappearing act is to pin them together, but who thinks of that? Another is to get a Sock it to Me Subscription! Dad will receive two new pairs every month. Nice!

Sock It to Me Subscriptions start at $15.42 per month. For more info, Click Here


PureGarden ToolSet W jpg8-Piece Garden Hand Tool Set – by Pure Garden

For Dad, your gardening guru who loves digging in the dirt every weekend. This versatile eight-piece hand tool set makes his life a little easier. It comes with a Snip, Pruner, Rake, Trowel, Shovel, Spray Bottle, and Soft Wire Tie, which are everything a gardener needs to cultivate their flower and vegetable beds. Amazon $20.90


ConairMan W jpgConairMan Ear, Nose, and Eyebrow Trimmer

A practical gift Dad doesn’t even know he needs! This popular ear, nose, and eyebrow trimmer will keep him and the whole family in tip-top shape at home and while traveling. It is a 5-piece battery-operated set and is easy to use.

Amazon: $23.99


Charger UV3 W jpgFast Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner By Lexon

When you first look at this nifty item, it seems like a tiny trash can. When you look closer, you realize it is a cordless charger and phone sanitizer – a UV disinfecting machine stand that discreetly kills 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria. Dad will agree it is a valuable gift because how many different surfaces does he rest his phone on? Amazon: $79.90


Internet Password Book W jpgPassword Book with Alphabetical Tabs

There are so many pesky passwords to remember. Help Dad from the stress of forgetting his passwords with this convenient book with alphabetical tabs to keep him organized.

This helpful book looks like a regular notebook for extra safety. Amazon: $13.99


Endosope Camera Add W jpgEndoscope Camera with Light

If Dad is a Mr. Fixit or likes to tinker around, and you want to wow him on Father’s Day with something cool and different, look no further than this versatile camera attachment! As soon as it is attached to the phone, he can use it to peer into small spaces like his car, the AC, or for pipe inspection. Amazon: $23.99


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