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Wings of Freedom

bald eagle

by Nick Thomas Many images symbolize the greatness of the United States, and around July 4 the eagle comes to mind. But it’s not just Americans who have always admired the grand bird. The ancient Sumerians, the Romans, and Napoleon all borrowed the awe-inspiring eagle as a symbol of their own

High SPF’s Capture our Attention – But Do We Need Them?

broad spectrum sun screen

Yes, we need them! The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the more sunburn protection the sunscreen provides. It’s that simple. SPF is the amount of energy (ultraviolet light) that is necessary to cause sunburn on protected skin (with sunscreen) in relation to the amount of energy required to cause

My Grandson Was Born with Ichthyosis…


by Leslie Farin We want to thank Mike Briggs for his work with FIRST (Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types). Ichthyosis is a family of skin disorders, relatively rare, that generally presents at birth and can be quite severe.  Mike’s grandson, Adam, was born 16 years ago with ichthyosis.  Little

A 55 Plus Wake-Up Call

demographics in America

As America counts down to the tipping point where the nation shifts from a young country to an old one, is housing ready or not?   The Census countdown to an American demographic inflection point has begun. For demographers, where patterns tend to play out over decades, this is high drama. For housing


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